8 March 2019

February 2019 Favourites

 I never got around to doing a January faves post. I mean it didn't help that I have barely worn makeup recently. I am determined to play around with more this month. I even bought a super bright eyeshadow palette to mess around with. This month's favourites isn't a particularly big one either. Just the essentials, moisturiser, highlighter and lipstick. What more do you need? Oh, the shit tons of hot Ribena I've been drinking because I've felt crappy.

flatlay with a large tub of moisturiser, 2 nude lipsticks and a fenty highlighter
FENTY Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo - I have wanted to try Fenty Beauty forever. I finally treated myself when there was an offer on and oh my god I am hooked. I have not stopped wearing this highlighter since it arrived at my door. As you can see I have used the Fire Crystal shade more than Lightning dust and that's because holy shit that shade packs a punch. The glow is unreal. I will have a full review up this month including the red liquid lip and the gloss. All I will say for now is, if you love to glow you need Fenty in your life.  

Fenty duo highlighter on the left next to a dose of colors nude lipstick and a nude nyx lip gloss

I am still loving a nude lip at the moment. I haven't been wearing much makeup because I haven't had many plans that don't involve basketball or my sofa. My go-to lip combo at the mo is DOC play it cool & Nyx S'more Please gloss.

Dose of Colors Play it Cool - Dusky Rose Taupe - For some reason I never really wore this shade much but I am finally head over heels for it. It's a darker nude with a greyish undertone that I adore. I find it very 90's. The grey undertone can wash me out a bit which is why I have been pairing it with the NYX gloss. It's just perfect for chucking on with a bit of mascara and making it look like I made an effort. I have a full review of my DOC collection with swatches here

NYX Candy Slick Lip in S'more Please - Neutral Mauve - I'm not sure I would say this is a mauve, it's warmer and peachier than the packaging looks. However, it works perfectly with play it cool. The candy slick glosses are so comfortable to wear and not sticky at all. In fact, slick is definitely the word for them. It is such a great topper and makes a matte lip more comfortable to wear.

Tub of garnier refreshing botanical jelly

Garnier 3 in 1 Hydrating Aloe Water Jelly

I have a full review of this range coming soon but I am really enjoying this moisturiser at the moment. I love a good gel formula and this leaves my skin feeling so refreshed. I tend to use it more as a day cream as I have a thicker one for night but my skin is loving it.

What have you been using recently? 


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