12 December 2018

Ciate Glitter Flip Vs Lottie London Glitter Switch

As a lipstick addict, I feel it is my duty to try any new types that are brought to my attention. Me and Jen fell in love with the glitter flips after seeing an Instagram ad last year. We are both huge glitter fans so it was like they were made for us. So much so that we ended up buying each other exactly the same thing for Christmas last year. We both got each other Hollywood which worked out perfectly. I also picked up Iconic because it looked gorgeous and I just love dark lipsticks. It's a weakness.

Ciate Glitter Flip - £17 So what are glitter flips? They are a transforming liquid lipstick that magically switches from a matte to a glitter for a multidimensional look. Basically, you apply one even layer, wait 2 minutes and then press your lips together to reveal the magic. I want to know the science behind it but I also just want to leave it as magic. Either way, it's super cool.

The packaging for this lipstick is absolutely beautiful. I adore the silver sparkly lid and it really stands out against the rest of my huge collection. With 17 shades to choose from, there should be something for everyone. They are also vegan and cruelty-free.

This is the first thing I have tried from Ciate and I will definitely be trying more.

Now onto the actual lipstick. I am in awe over how damn comfortable these lipsticks are considering they are glittery. They aren't remotely drying yet aren't sticky or tacky. I'm even wearing Iconic as I write this after giving it one last longevity test run. My lips are in a bad state after my cold but it's still comfortable to wear. It doesn't cling to any of my gross dry spots and isn't peeling. There is also minimal transfer

I am absolutely obsessed with Iconic. It's a black lipstick with blue/purple glitter and it just reminds me of a galaxy. It's so damn beautiful. Definitely a bold look and would be perfect for festivals etc. I also have Hollywood which is a true red with pink/silver sparkles. It just reminds me of Dorothy's slippers. It doesn't work with my hair at the moment but this is the perfect lip for Christmas parties.

Lottie London Glitter Switch - £6.95 

When I saw these in Superdrug, I decided to pick one up to compare it to the Ciate ones I already own. I mean who doesn't want to find a cheaper alternative. Unfortunately, it seems when it comes to glitter flips you get what you pay for. There are also only 4 shades to choose from in this range.

At first swatch it seemed like a good alternative. The shade Killin it is an absolutely gorgeous berry red (with a pink sparkle) which we all know is one of my fave shades. However, it went downhill once applied to the lips.

It applies well and the applicator is a nice shape. Unfortunately, the formula just isn't up to scratch. As soon as it started drying it became uncomfortable. It's just such a dry lipstick. I then left it 2 mins but when I pressed my lips together they stuck together and the lipstick peeled away in patches. I assumed I hadn't left it to dry long enough so reapplied and waited longer. The same thing happened. It somehow manages to be super dry and extremely tacky all at the same time. I can't even tell you the wear time because I haven't managed to keep it on for any length of time.

As you can probably tell from my review, Ciate is a clear winner. Are these a lipstick I would wear every day? No, but I think they are perfect for special occasions. They're something different and would be great for festivals, nights out and parties. It means you can wear glitter without the faff and the mess. Definitely a fan.


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