14 December 2018

Chronic Illness Gift Guide

I'm not normally a gift guide person but when Nivea kindly sent me this cute Lip balm set I decided to do a little, affordable guide for those with chronic illnesses. This is basically some of the little things that make my life easier and would be such a cute gift.

A common side effect amongst my meds is dry mouth which also seems to affect my lips. I can never have enough lip balm. This cute gift set is just perfect for any chronically ill person with the same struggles. The lip butters are so nourishing and I am in love with the glitter pink packaging of one of the balms. One of the butters is also tinted and one of the balms is a pearly shine so great for looking like you made a bit of an effort.

Insomnia seems to go hand in hand with chronic illnesses. I really struggle to get to sleep and I usually hate lavender scented things which makes finding sleep sprays extremely difficult. However, I am so in love with Lush Twilight spray. It just makes me relax and makes my room smell incredible. The lavender isn't too overpowering and it's just such a beautiful scent.

Dear Chronic Illness is the perfect addition to anyone with a chronic illness. It's a collection of letters from various people (including me) to their chronic illness including M.E, EDS, Fibro, POTs etc. They're funny but have a way of making you realise you're not alone in your struggles.

Travel Mugs and Cute Sippy Cups

I'm a clumsy person. Pair that with randomly dislocating, spasming and generally crappy limbs and I'm a recipe for disaster. Add any kind of liquid to that recipe and it's probably going to end in a spillage. Because of that I now drink pretty much most of my drinks out of travel mugs and cups with straws. My best friend is also a clumsy cripple and she has her very own sippy cup at my house. It's safer for my furniture. However, Instagram calls for all my cups to be as cute as possible. The plus side though is that because of the need to reduce single-use plastics, there is so much choice these days.

Travel mugs are also great for making 2 cups of tea in so that by the time you go to drink your second one it's still warm and you didn't have to get up again. You're welcome.

Here are some of my faves.
- Ban.Do But First Coffee Travel Mug - Typo Gold Palm Travel Mug - 
- ThermoCafé Rose Gold Diamond Tumbler - B&M Mermaid Soda Cup - Primark Fox Soda Cup -

Hot Water Bottle

As soon as the temperature drops I am permanently attached to my hot water bottle. My Costochondritis flares at the slightest hint of cold and my hips & back are super sensitive and just stop working. My feet are blocks of ice from October to April so any heat is much appreciated.

I honestly don't know how I would survive winter without a constant heat source. I am loving my electric hot water bottle because it means I don't have to find someone to help or risk burning myself with a kettle. Actual life changer. Long hot water bottles are great for wrapping around painful body parts.

I also really want one of these shoulder hot water bottles because 1. who doesn't want a warm neck pillow and 2. my shoulder is such an angry bitch at the moment. I feel like I need a permanently warm scarf in my life.

Blanket Scarves & Capes

Carrying on from always needing a heat source, I also always like to have a blanket. All about that cosy life. However, contrary to popular belief, I also like to look cute af.

This is where scarves come in handy. I always get the biggest blanket scarves I can find because that way I have a blanket that is wearable and also acceptable in public. Literally how I survived uni. Just curl up under my scarf and no one can judge me. Capes/shawls are also a great wearable blanket option. I just can't wear them because they get stuck in my wheels when I try to push my chair. 

- New Look Lilac Blanket Scarf - Matalan Herringbone Check Shawl - 
- Boohoo Mono Block Check Blanket Scarf -

What are you hoping to get for Christmas?


*I was kindly sent this product free of price, however, it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this post are independent and my own

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