3 May 2017

Read in April 2017

So I managed to read 4 books last month. Not bad considering I don't seem to have stopped. As usual they are all crime thrillers as I rarely read anything else. Let me know your faves so I can add to my to read pile.

Read in April 2017
Silent Scream by Angela Marsons

"Even the darkest secrets can't stay buried forever... 

Five figures gather round a shallow grave. They had all taken turns to dig. An adult-sized hole would have taken longer. An innocent life had been taken but the pact had been made. Their secrets would be buried, bound in blood...

Years later, a headmistress is found brutally strangled, the first in a spate of gruesome murders which shock the Black Country.

But when human remains are discovered at a former children's home, disturbing secrets are also unearthed. D.I. Kim Stone fast realises she's on the hunt for a twisted individual whose killing spree spans decades.

As the body count rises, Kim needs to stop the murderer before they strike again. But to catch the killer, can Kim confront the demons of her own past before it's too late?"

Unfortunately I read the second in this series (reviewed here) first because I am actually cursed. I've lost count of how many times I have done this. However, even read out of order both books were soo good. I never guessed who the bad guy was in this one. I suspected pretty much everyone but never came to a solid conclusion. The plot of this book is both heartbreaking and gripping and I honestly couldn't put it down. I love the main characters and Kim is one of my favourite detectives even though she tries to make people dislike her. I absolutely cannot wait to read the rest of the series.

Watch Me by Angela Clarke


The body of a 15-year-old is found hours after she sends a desperate message to her friends. It looks like suicide, until a second girl disappears.

This time, the message is sent directly to the Metropolitan Police – and an officer’s younger sister is missing.

DS Nasreen Cudmore and journalist Freddie Venton will stop at nothing to find her. But whoever’s behind the notes is playing a deadly game of hide and seek – and the clock is ticking.


Oh look another book that I've read that is the second in the series. I really need to stop doing this. I highly recommend reading this series in order because it definitely has a lot of spoilers for what happens in the first. I'm still going to read it though and plan on picking it up asap.
This wasn't my favourite out of the books I read this month but I did still enjoy it. It's a part of the social media series and it felt like the author was trying to chuck as much social media lingo in as possible. I dunno it felt a bit like an adult trying to be down with the kids at some parts.
However, the storyline was gripping and a lil bit scary at some points with the whole instagram famous people and the murderer contacting people via Snapchat. It made it feel much more real. Freddie was my favourite character as she honestly doesn't give a shit what people think whereas Nasreen cares about her image a lot. I definitely got sucked into the fast pace of this book.

You Are Next by Katia Lief

"An ex-cop with a death wish. A serial killer with a gruesome agenda...
Detective Karin Schaeffer was a happily married mother until she got too close to catching a serial killer.
The press nickname him The Domino Killer because he systematically murders whole families, leaving a trail of bloody dominoes as the only clues to his next victim. Having brutally slain Karin's husband and child, he left her a chilling message scrawled in her daughter's blood: YOU ARE NEXT.
But now the Domino Killer has escaped prison and the police believe he's on his way to find her. 
And Karin is waiting..."

The man with the book store at our local market gave us a good deal on this series so obviously I couldn't say no. He loves us because we spend a small fortune there. Also because we got all three together there was no way I could read them in the wrong order. Success.

I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the rest. At first I thought I'd started reading them in the wrong order because it jumps right in with Karins life but it goes back to explain everything that's happened. She's had it pretty tough and is struggling massively with depression and feeling suicidal (TW for this book & suicide). She has a killer after her and shes torn between wanting him to find her and wanting to catch him and protect her family. She's definitely reckless & impulsive. Half way through this book I was confused as to where it was going to go next and then it just all kicks off again. So stressful.

Hide & Seek by Katia Lief

"Karin Schaeffer's husband is missing presumed dead.
The police are convinced that Mac took his own life after the brutal murder of his parents in what looks like a robbery gone bad...Karin is determined to do all she can to find her husband...alive or dead.
Only she's about to discover how little she knows about the man she married.
But someone else is watching the Schaeffer family. Watching, waiting and biding their time before they reveal the dark secrets of Mac's past - and exact a terrifying revenge."

Okay I'm going to start this lil review by saying damn Karin is cursed. Her life is so flipping dramatic and terrifying. I didn't think it could get any worse than the first book.
I did enjoy this book but it kind of felt like the author couldn't decide on the main event. A lot happens and mainly all towards the end. Every time you think it's all sorted, bam something else goes wrong. It's so dramatic. I honestly don't know how Karin copes as her stress levels must be through the roof. There may be a lot going on but Katia's writing style is so easy to follow.

Let me know what you've been reading


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