19 May 2017

Favourite Eye Makeup

 Now we all know that I love a good winged liner. Very rarely seen without it, when I'm wearing makeup that is. You'll see my naked face quite often because I don't have a life and why waste makeup on a day in front of the laptop. Plus I'm lazy. Anyway back to the eye makeup. I need my eyeliner to last. I wear it for a verry long time. I wear it in basketball games if I wanna feel fierce and can be bothered. They always seem to be early mornings and I am not a morning person. Buut if I wear eye makeup these are my must haves

Favourite eye makeup
I set my eyes with a translucent powder because my lids are the only part of my face that aren't dry. Then I go in with my liner. I am obsessed with my Tartiest Double Take Liner at the moment. I haven't worn anything else since I took the plunge and bought this. If you are a beginner then this is the one for you. I love felt liners but gave up with them for a bit because I found I could never get them black enough and they tended to transfer. Tarte has made me fall back in love with felt liners. It is super easy to control. I can get perfect wings even when I'm in a rush or half asleep. They stay put all day and are super black. Unfortunately the pencil end isn't as long lasting. It applies beautifully and is nice and black but I find by the end of the day it has smudged under my eye.

I have a love hate relationship with my Lancome Grandiose liner. First off can we just take a minute to appreciate how damn gorgeous this packaging is. Prettiest liner ever. I adore the nib of this liner as well and it is perfect for doing a thinner line near my inner corner. I also sometimes use it to get a sharper point on my wings. However, you constantly have to re dip this or shake the pot as you don't get enough product on the brush. It takes forever to do a full wing with it because you spend more time shaking it. It does give me wings sharp enough to kill a man though. Do you see my dilemma? 

best liquid liners

Story time. When we went to France last summer my eye makeup lasted a disgusting amount of time. I put my makeup on at some vile time in the morning like 5am. I watched my brother play basketball all day in a warm sports hall. We then travelled a few hours to the ferry. I slept the whole way. We then had a cabin for the 7hr ferry crossing which I also spent sleeping. Then came the 2hr journey to my grandparents which you guessed it I slept through. It was 8am by the time we got to my grandparents so we went about our day. I finally took my makeup off that night. I worked out my eyeliner had lasted 36ish hours and countless sleeps and it still looked fine. Impressive.

I also went on a night out the other night. It ended with me dislocating a hip really badly and crying. I got home, my mum had to undress me, give me a shit load of painkillers and help me into bed. Taking my makeup off was the last thing on my mind. I woke up in the morning expecting to look like a panda but nope my wings were still good enough to make me look like I had made an effort for post night out Maccies.

Side note - I don't make it a habit to sleep in my makeup. I always try my best to take it off and cleanse as my skin is such a state but some times a girl has just gotta sleep.

favourite eyeliner and mascara

Moving on. For my waterline there is only one eyeliner I use. I haven't found anything better than the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner. It is a gel eyeliner in a snazzy glass jar and it lasts forever. I didn't actually finish my last pot but I thought I should probably throw it out as I couldn't actually remember buying it (I'm talking about 4 years. I know its gross I'm sorry). It comes with a brush and it applies sooo black. This baby also has some serious staying power and it doesn't end up under my eye...ever. I have tried many eyeliners and this is the only one that doesn't budge and at £8.99 it's a bargain. It's not so great for wings though.

Onto mascara. I am blessed with long lashes. It is literally the only thing I won in the genetic lottery. However, I still love a good volumising mascara. I've tried many and was always just grabbing whichever was closest. Not anymore. Now I am always reaching for my Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara (full review here). It is my actual holy grail and I didn't know what to do with myself when I left it at my parents the other week. It has featured in many a favourites post including my Top 10 Holy Grail post funnily enough. It gives such beautiful volume as well as adding the perfect amount of black with zero clumps. My lashes have honestly never looked so beautiful.

Favourite Eye Makeup

What are your must have eye makeup products? I really want to get into eyeshadow but I just suck at it soo bad


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