17 May 2017

24 Things I've Learnt in 24 Years

So once again I have fallen off of my blogging schedule. This post was supposed to go live on my birthday, which was last Wednesday, but I spent the day eating cake instead of finishing it. Cake is definitely more important though. Anyway I reached the grand old age of 24 last week so I thought I'd share with you some things I picked up along the way.

24 Things I've Learnt in 24 Years
How I spent my birthday. Drinking Peppermint cream tea out of my chip mug and eating freshly backed peanut butter cookies. Also spent the day in my new mermaid pjs from primark and doing as little as possible

Now onto what I have learnt

1. There is such a thing as too much coffee - it results in nearly puking

2. Never skimp on toilet roll. Cheap loo roll is the worst

3. You should also avoid cheap tea and coffee. It's nasty

4. Definitely experiment with your hair. As long as you look after it, it grows back. Go for that cut. Try that bold colour. I wish I'd tried pink sooner.

5. Expensive makeup doesn't mean better. Just find what works for you.

6. Using a wheelchair is not the end of the world and I definitely should have done it sooner. I'm sorry for the shit I put you through body.

7. Take lots of pictures. They are amazing to look back on. Plus selfies are good for the soul and the ego.

8. Wear the bright lipstick. People wont stare and you will feel fabulous

9. Try new things. Something you never thought you would enjoy may just take over your life. I wish I'd got into wheelchair basketball sooner

10. You are not weird for not really enjoying going out. It's loud, crowded and sticky. Home is quiet, cosy and comfy and you don't have to put on a bra.

11. Speaking of bras they are literally the worst. Wear them as little as possible. Sports bras are your friend.

12. Some of your closest friends will be made online (whilst not wearing a bra)

13. Workout clothes are literally the comfiest clothes you will ever own plus they make you look like you've done more than binge watch netflix all day.

14. No matter how flat a dropped kerb looks there is a very high chance it is lying and just waiting to catapult you out of your wheelchair.

15. Pink hair gives the best entertainment. How will people react? Will they love it, will they hate fun? Can always guarantee kids think it's magical though.

16. There is nothing more satisfying than a peel off face mask

17. You will never feel like you have your life together. Ever

18. Washing your hair is overrated. So is brushing it sometimes. A bright lipstick is the perfect distraction when you can't be bothered to do your hair

19. Some days you just need to eat nutella out of the jar. Nothing else will do.

20. You will get through whatever shit you are going through. Life is tough but so are you and you can get through it.

21. Dogs make everything better. There is no greater happiness than seeing a dog. Dogs never fail to put a smile on my face

22. You can never have too many pairs of cute pyjamas. That being said nice n big mens tshirts are perfect for sleeping in and can be picked up pretty cheap.

23. Do not become friends with beauty bloggers because you will constantly want to buy all the makeup and your bank balance will not appreciate it.

24. Quorn chicken dippers are everything. You need to buy them all. Also I'm writing this at gone midnight and am starving. Now I want quorn chicken dippers.

Anyway that's pretty much all the wisdom I have apart from take your makeup off


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