19 April 2017

Mintoshi Raspberry & Vanilla Candle

I am obsessed with candles. I mean what blogger isn't? I'm constantly burning them much to my dads dismay (I get lectured on fire safety weekly). I just want my house to smell beautiful. I was kindly sent a Minotshi Candle and it was love at first whiff. As I opened the package I was greeted by the most delicious scent. 

Mintoshi Raspberry & Vanilla Candle
I was kindly sent the Raspberry & Vanilla Candle* and oh my god it could not be more perfect. Raspberry and vanilla are two of my favourite scents (and flavours). It comes in a white cardboard box which looks so pretty and would make the perfect gift. Mintoshi candles are made using a blend of vegetable and mineral wax. Zoe also tries to reduce the number of additives to ensure a clean burn as well as keeping your home healthy. This includes not using limonene which is often found in scented candles/melts and can lead to a reaction that produces formaldehyde. Zoe decided to make her own candles because she found her headaches were aggravated by scented candles & air fresheners. The aim for Mintoshi Candles is clean, healthy, highly fragranced candles which have as little environmental impact as possible. I can definitely confirm that these candles have a nice clean burn and are beautifully fragranced. 

Mintoshi Raspberry & Vanilla Candle

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how simple and gorgeous this frosted glass jar is? I think this may be one of the prettiest candles I own. Now onto the scent. This is definitely not one of those candles that you can only smell when you stick your nose in the jar. I am currently burning it and my whole living room smells heavenly. It kind of reminds me of sweets but I can't think which ones. Either way it smells delicious. The burn time claims to be 40hrs and I think I've burned it for about 6 so far and it's barely made a dent yet.

These are definitely on a par with Yankee Candles but in prettier jars. At £12 for a 30cl candle I can tell you I will definitely be buying more. There are so many delicious scents to choose from I don't know which one to get first.

Other delicious scents include
Apple pie & custard
Carrot Cake
Wild Strawberry & Parsley
Log Fire
Custard Cream
Strawberry Smoothie
Fresh Cotton
Chocolate & Mint

There are also 3 types of candles. The basic candle I received, Eco Candles and Large 3 wick candles. You can also get a mermaid candle and bath bombs

I am trying to support smaller businesses more so if you are in the market for some delicious smelling candles then I highly recommend Mintoshi. Best smelling candle I have had for a while and I can't wait to try more fragrances.


* I was kindly sent this product free of price for the purpose of review, however it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own

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