17 April 2017

April 2017 You Beauty Box

Another month another You Beauty Box. I haven't had one for a couple of months (check out the last box here) because I wasn't really feeling the choices. I make sure I check every month though so if anything takes my fancy I can sign back up which is super easy.

April 2017 You Beauty Box

As soon as I saw this had hydrate on the packaging I needed it. I still haven't found the perfect balance of products that stop me from looking like a crocodile when I put my foundation on so here's hoping this helps.

Can we just talk about how gorgeous this packaging is? It is the cutest glass bottle I have ever seen and is the perfect size for my handbag/back of my wheelchair. I'm not the biggest fan of rose scents but this is so refreshing when you spritz it on. Also another one that claims to hydrate and soften skin and I cannot get enough hydration.

You Beauty Box

"A reassuring treatment for stressed-out complexions. Calming and conditioning, this quickly calms redness and brings relief from irritation". My skin is so stressed out at the moment. My chin is breakout city and my cheeks are soo red. All in all it's not a happy place right now. I'm hoping this mask can sort it out and I'm excited to try it. 

Really hope I don't fall in love with this because there is no way I can afford it. Thought I'd give it a go though because I feel like my face needs repairing. 

April 2017 You Beauty Box

Now onto the products that everyone receives.

Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter Squeeze Pack 

I am soo excited to try this. I loove nut butters. I eat way more peanut butter than I probably should. I also adore anything with coconut in so almond and coconut sounds perfect. I'll probably try it out after my next training session.

The Organic Pharmacy Hand Cream (50ml - £21.95)

I can't use hand cream because soft hands equals mega blisters when it comes to playing wheelchair basketball. It's sad but that's the price you have to pay to not rip huge holes in your hands. Blisters are the actual devil. I'll probably pass this onto my mum although I'm sure I heard my dad moaning that he had dry hands the other day so maybe he can give it a whirl.

If anyone has any super dry bordering on scaly skincare recommendations hit me up.

Here's hoping I can finally get my shit together and get back into a proper blog schedule. Hopefully, see you soon


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