2 January 2017

The Body Shop Additions

I have recently become obsessed with The Body Shop. I've always loved their shower gels and body butters but I've only ever received them as gifts. I've never actively gone out and purchased them. Since falling head over heels in love with their skincare I decided to treat myself in their sale.

the body shop vanilla chai range
I decided to take a gamble and buy some of the vanilla chai range without smelling it in store. I'd heard good things and I adore vanilla so it was a risk I was willing to take and boy did my gamble pay off. I am soo in love with this range and will be gutted to see it go. The Scented Candle (which I didn't know the body shop did) smells absolutely incredible. I have it burning right now and holy shit my room smells amazing. The scent pay off is one of the best, probably comparable to Yankee candle. The spices blend perfectly with the vanilla and I kinda wanna buy 10 more so I never run out. I also picked up the Home Frangrance Oil for my burner so my house smells magical right now.

When I use body scrubs I like to feel the grit, this exfoliating sugar body scrub does not disappoint. It's a strange texture compared to my other scrubs. It's quite a thick "gloop" but the sugar is gritty enough that it feels like it's working plus it smells heavenly. I can't wait for my next shower.

the body shop
I picked up a few other things including this Raspberry Body Scrub-Gelee which also smells amazing. It's different to the vanilla scrub as this is a "jammy texture". I haven't tried it yet but I can't wait to give it a go. After listening to my twin Sarah go on about these Shade Adjusting drops non stop recently I finally picked them up. Unfortunately the dropper is broken so I haven't managed to try them yet. The Pink Grapefruit shower gel was a Christmas present and I don't think I have ever had a shower gel smell so fruity and refreshing. Their shower gels are always amazing. Last but not least I couldn't resist some more skincare. I've heard some good things about this Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution so it has been added to my collection and I will report back.

The body shop raspberry body scrub

Did you pick up anything from The Body Shop Sale. I'm still tempted to go back and pick up some more Vanilla Chai products. They just smell so damn good


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