9 January 2017

Typo UK Shop

I recently discovered the shop Typo and it's safe to say I am obsessed. There is so much gorgeous stationery and the cutest mugs (my weakness) and water bottles. I could spends a fortune on this site although the prices are super reasonable. I spent a good hour or two browsing the whole site before making an order of a few little bits. And I've already nearly made another order. 
Typo shop
I've been looking for a new diary forever. I loved my Shop agenda last year but all the ones I could find started in august 16 and I wasn't gonna pay for 6 months that had already been. Plus they are quite pricey. If you need a diary I urge you to check out Typo. They have so many gorgeous choices that I struggled to pick.

I settled on

Watercolour A5 Daily Diary - £12 + 30% Off

A few years ago I used to write at least 3 good things that had happened that day down and it made compiling the best bits of that year blog posts so much easier. It also makes you appreciate the lil things. This diary is soo beautiful I decided to start it back up again. The watercolour cover is stunning. I'm so in love with it.

Black and White Polka A5 Weekly Diary - £10 + 30% Off

This polka dot diary is super cute and perfect for keeping a note of my appointments and basketball games etc. I also use the monthly preview at the start of each month to plan all my blog posts.

I can never say no to pens and as they were half price when you purchased a diary I decided to pick up 2.  I chose the Aqua blue ballpoint pen because turquoise is my favourite colour and the Purple Easy writer gel pen. The gel pen has such a cool nib. It's a little bit scratchy but perfect for jotting down my favourite things of the day.

easy write gel pen

As soon as I saw this Rose Gold Need Coffee Travel Mug I had to have it because 1. I always need coffee and 2. How perfect is this for instagram? It's the perfect size, doesn't leak and keeps my coffee hot. Perfect for all the travelling I seem to do. I am so in love with it. It's also perfect for when my hands are being super crappy and I can't use normal mugs.

need coffee travel mug

Finally I picked up this cute Mini Light Up Letter B. I want a big one eventually but every where I look always seems to be out of B's.

typo stationery

I will definitely be making another order from this shop in the near future. Postage was beyond fast. I made the order really late monday night and it arrived wednesday morning. You can also get 20% off your first order so what are you waiting for?


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