14 October 2016

The Best Feelings in Life

I think I'm coming down with a bug or something so I've been feeling pretty crappy recently. Fatigue is kicking my ass and my whole body hurts. I mean even my toes are so painful. Seriously what can you do to ease toe pain? It's soo annoying. This means that I've been taking pleasure in the little things recently like getting more than 3 hours sleep, finally being able to wear cute jumpers and drinking all the tea. I thought I'd write a list of the best feelings in life to make me smile. 

the best feelings in life include tea

- That first sip of coffee on a morning. There is honestly no greater feeling at those god awful early hours.

- Finally taking your bra off

- Putting fluffy socks on when your feet are ice cubes. Fluffy socks are one of lifes greatest inventions

- Ice cream on a hot day

- Eating an ice lolly when you are super hungover. I was once so hungover that I cried when my dad forgot to buy me some. It was a dark time

- Putting on your pyjamas and curling up in the warm after being caught in the rain

- Putting on clothes fresh out of the tumble dryer. One of the main reasons I bought one. I used to wrap myself in warm towels to walk from the launderette to my flat at uni. Cold mornings you will always find me waiting for my socks and leggings to warm up.

- Getting surprise parcels in the mail

- Getting your eyeliner perfect & matching first time. It may be a rare occurrence but there is no happiness like it. It sets the tone for the whole day. It's impossible to have a crappy day with matching fierce wings

- Popping one of those satisfying spots. Why are they so hard to leave alone?

- When dogs get excited to see you.

- Sitting down with a cuppa after a long day. Tea is just happiness in a mug.

- Finally getting to pee after being stuck in traffic forever. Honestly I think this may be the best feeling in life. Just me with a tiny bladder?

- Listening to the rain when you are all tucked up in bed nice & warm/curled up in front of an open fire.

- Seeing your food arrive when you're eating out

- Getting lost in a good book

- Eating warm cake fresh out the oven. Waiting for it to cool down is for losers. Burning your tongue on a fresh brownie is soo worth it.

What are your best feelings in life?


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