26 August 2016

Illamasqua Precision Ink Liquid Liner

Eyeliner is my biggest makeup addiction. Well I own more lipstick but if I could only use one item it would always be eyeliner. Hands down. In fact, if I'm being lazy I quite often just whack on some eyeliner and mascara. I wear it to play basketball because I'm a fierce queen who rocks those wings and wont be tamed. My family ask if I'm ill if I haven't done my wings. They're my signature look. My eyes look so naked without them.

Illamasqua Precision Ink Liner review
I've used the Rimmel Exaggerate Liner for agessss. Once I found one that I could get a decent wing with I didn't really stray. I knew it worked for me and that was good enough. However, I have recently been adventurous and tried some new ones. I picked up the Lancome grandiose liner a while ago and now I am obsessed with the Illamasqua Precision Ink Liquid Liner.

I got the precision ink liner in my July You Beauty Box and it was love at first swipe. I normally prefer the sturdier, slightly chunkier nibs. I feel like I don't have the control I like with the thin ones but this is just perfect. It's opaque in one swipe and I can get sharp wings and smooth lines. My main issue now is just getting the angles of both wings similar (that's what side fringes were invented for anyway).

It's waterproof and I am being serious when I say this baby has some serious staying power. If you follow me on twitter & instagram you may have seen that I recently wore this to travel to France. I put it on at 6:30am Sunday morning. Travelled to Worcester to watch my brother in a wheelchair basketball competition. It was stupidly hot. I sweated. We then got in the car to drive to Portsmouth. I fell asleep on said journey. We got on the ferry at 10:45 for a 7 hour crossing which we slept through with lots of tossing & turning. We arrived Monday morning and drove another 2 hours to my nans (I may have also dozed off on this journey). I then spent all Monday wearing the same eyeliner and finally took it off at 10pm Monday night. It was still perfect. Not a single smudge. No fading. Magic. 40 hours of wear is pretty damn impressive.

Illamasqua Precision Ink Liquid Liner
The middle picture was when we first arrived at my nans and the last picture was just before I took it off. Lets just ignore my exhausted face. 

I also wore it during a wheelchair basketball competition which was played in a hall which could only be compared to Satans ass. It was soo hot I thought I was gonna melt into a puddle. Eyeliner wasn't fazed though.

The only downside to this liner is it's glossy however that being said it doesn't really bother me and I will gladly pay the £20.50 pricetag when I run out. I'm so glad I got it in my £8.45 You beauty box though. Bargain.

What is your favourite liquid liner?


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