3 August 2016

Barry M Showgirl Mascara

I am blessed with nice long eyelashes. One of the very few things I won in the genetic lottery. My body may fall apart but I have nice eyelashes so who's the real winner here? I tend to use mascara for it's volumising properties. I only ever really used Maybelline Volum' Express Colossal Mascara and Volum' Express Megaplush. Those 2 are definitely my faves for volume and I don't really try any others. However, when I was fulfilling my nail polish addiction one day Barry M had an offer where you got the Showgirl Mascara for free when spending a certain amount of pennies. Gotta love a freebie. 

Barry M Showgirl Mascara
I was a bit dubious about trying this as its a lengthening mascara and I'm already pretty blessed in the length department (insert that's what he said joke). However, I was pleasantly surprised. After looking for a link to it I discovered that I seem to be the only person that gets loves this mascara. It has really poor reviews. This may be because my lashes are already long, I dunno, but I'm converted.

Barry M Showgirl Mascara review

First off lets talk about the packaging. While it is a bit of a bitch to photograph and is always covered in grubby fingerprints, it is really pretty. It is also really sturdy and feels much more expensive than the £4.99 price tag. The wand is a bit aggressive and I have nearly blinded myself a few times but if you concentrate on what you're doing it applies nicely with zero clumping. Seriously no clumps at all. Its nice & black and adds a good amount of length as well as lifting the lashes beautifully. It lasts all day with no flaking which is so important to me as my eyeballs attract mascara flakes and then I cry. Never fun.

Barry M Showgirl Mascara

Barry M Showgirl Mascara
Maybelline still holds my heart but as I've run out at the mo Barry M is doing the job well and I don't have any complaints. I'm definitely a fan and I would totally buy it again. It's such a bargain and it is a pretty damn amazing mascara.

What is your fave mascara?


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