29 August 2016

Carex Love Hearts Soap

My Dad hates coming to my house because all my soap smells edible. I've never known a man get so angry about soap that smells like delicious food. It's hilarious. My current kitchen soap smells like vanilla cookies. I was a little bit hesitant about trying this one though because I'm not a massive fan of the bubblegum one but oh my god you need this in your life. 

Carex love hearts soap
Carex have a range of edible smelling soaps in their fun editions. This Love hearts one is definitely my favourite. It smells fizzy. How do you even make soap smell fizzy? It must be magic. It seriously makes your hands smell like actual love hearts. My mum always laughs at me because I always come out of the bathroom sniffing my hands. It honestly makes washing your hands soo magical. Everyone needs to smell like love hearts. It would make the world a better place.

Ollie is obsessed with the bubblegum one and loves the antibacterial hand gel version. So um Carex when are you gonna do a Love hearts hand sanitiser because I would be all over that shit.

I'm not sure if it takes the top spot from the Wilko Rhubarb & vanilla soap which smells exactly like rhubarb & custard sweets but its pretty damn close. I grabbed another 2 bottles whilst it was on offer in Boots the other day and my dad is planning some sort of protest for soap that doesn't smell like sweets. It will be a cold day in hell before I give up my delicious smelling soap.  One of the very few plus sides to being an adult is getting to choose the fun soaps and eating cake for breakfast with no one to tell you you cant..

What is your favourite soap?


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