18 November 2015

Kitchen Essentials

I'm not allowed in the kitchen very often because that place is dangerous. So many things to injure myself on. Way too clumsy to be allowed in there. Buut there are a few things that I can use safely and mean I can actually eat if I'm ever left alone (not very often. I might starve to death or fall & die).

So I thought I'd share some extremely helpful kictchen stuff which is soo helpful for my fellow chronic illness warriors but also great for healthy people who just want an easier life.

kitchen aids

Microwave Rice Cooker - Who can cook rice perfectly in a pan? Like is that actually a thing? I cant lift pans so thats my excuse for not being able to use them. Cook too much? Get stodgy rice? Cannot get it perfect? (Do I sound like a commercial yet?) This little pot of magic will save your life. It telss you how much rice and water to add & how long to microwave it for perfect rice. Its sooo easy even I can do it (although my flatmate did get it wrong once & we have no idea how). Now even if I've been abandoned and am too low on energy to life I can at least bung some rice in the microwave. 

Electric Tin Opener - If you don't have one of these in your life WHY NOT. Who has time to wrestle with manual tin openers. Do people still buy them? Is having enough grip to be able to use them humanly possible or just for gorillas? I took mine to uni & everyone used it, even the weird guy that never spoke to us. It took a while for them to understand it & trying to teach them was hilarious. It's not even difficult. Anyway I digress. Just get one. Change your life. 

Smoothie Maker - I go through periods of time where eating just doesn't happen. My stomach kicks up a fuss and refuses food because it's an angry lil shit. I'm pretty sure everyone & their gran has one of these now but they are so easy. Just whack in some frozen fruit & some liquid, blitz & then you have a kinda meal for when your stomach hates life. 

Microwave Egg Poacher - I've only recently started eating eggs in any way other than scrambled (and in cake obvs). But I am now in love with poached eggs and this little contraption means I don't have to stand by a pan and by me I mean my mum (love you mum). Just crack some eggs into it, microwave and ding poached eggs with zero hassle.

Soup Maker - If you saw my beautifully written Butternut squash soup recipe the other day you will know how much I love this machine. Seriously the best present I have ever got my mum. I am obsessed with soup at the moment. I have it nearly every day and I am still so in love with it. With this magical machine, you just chop up your veg, chuck it in with stock & turn it on. Then 21 mins later you have hot and smooth soupy goodness that is just delicious. Seriously I cannot big this machine up enough. My mum chucks it on when she's getting ready for work & then she takes hot soup with her for lunch (and puts mine aside for when Im actually wake isnt she a star). My only issue with it is its quite heavy but no ones perfect.

Helen also has a chronic pain cookbook which has so much helpful information  as well as easy things to prepare on bad days so you should definitely go and check that out.  

What are your must haves in the Kitchen?


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