10 November 2015

Film// Spectre Review

I went to see Spectre last week and I was so disappointed. I love a good action film and even though Im not Daniel Craigs biggest fan James Bond usually delivers.

It doesn’t help that I was all psyched up to see Hotel Transylvania 2 but I forgot it was half term. There were screaming children everywhere and the next 3 screenings were sold out *sob*. Damn children ruining my life. So spectre it was.

spectre review

The main thing I can say about this film was it was just Boring. Like fighting to stay awake boring. There were 3 maybe 4 main scenes which had a load of action and then I can’t really tell you what happened in the in between bits because I honestly can’t remember. Maybe my expectations were just too high. 

It seems like they didn't really think through the whole story line. 

I hated the fact that the Bond girl went from hating Bonds guts and being all feisty to being head over heels declaring her love for him in about 2 secs. I mean really? They'd only known each other for a day if that. She did rock a red lip though.

Also what the hell was that helicopter scene at the beginning? Thaat was just ridiculous. And Daniel Craig Im sorry but you are looking olllld. Also that girl was young enough to be your daughter. You should be ashamed. 

Maybe I need to watch it again with lowered expectations. 

What did you think?


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