16 November 2015

Aloha Lola Cards

If you haven't see Aloha Lola Cards on Twitter have you been living under a rock? The adorable caricatures of bloggers have taken over twitter and such a lovely person behind the twitter account. She understood my despair over the lack of unicorn emojis when my phone wouldn't update and we had an in depth conversation about our love for Dominos. Mmm pizza

I am so in love with my caricature. Like seriously, how awesome is this?

aloha lola caricatures

You can check them out on Etsy where you can buy personalised cards for every occasion and your own caricature. If you are looking for a unique card for a friend then you need to check them out. Also treat yourself to a caricature. You know you want to. Buy yourself a card. Treat yourself

Ohhh and you can also follow Aloha Lola on Instagram to see all the adorable creations.


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