1 September 2015

The Fforest Inn

I'm going to start this post by saying The Fforest Inn is honestly my favourite place ever to eat. Seriously, I am in love. I think this place may actually make the best burger I have ever tasted. Its so good that I have eaten here 3 times and I have ordered the burger every time. I don't even bother looking at anything else on the menu. I can't resist a good burger.

The staff at the Fforest Inn are the nicest people you will ever meet. I don't think I've ever had such good service, especially when the first time we went in they had just finished serving and we looked so rough they took pity  on us and let us eat. They are seriously so lovely.

Their food is so reasonably priced and it is all home made and oh so delicious. I've only ever had the home made beef burger with bacon & cheese but my mum loves the Hunters Chicken and my brother inhaled the steak in about 2 minutes.

Fforest inn burger

The burger may be delicious but their puddings are out of this world. I am a huge huge cheesecake fan and this cheesecake is heaven on a plate. I have tried the Lemon and the Vanilla cheesecake so far. I think the lemon may be my favourite but as a scientist I may have to do some repeat tests to get a fair result. I mean its for science. My mum usually hates cheesecake but she cant get enough of this one.

Fforest inn cheesecake

Also sticky toffee pudding *heart eyes emoji* Seriously this is so delicious. The toffee sauce is like heaven in your mouth. I just can't describe how delicious this is. Honestly this is the best sticky toffee pudding I have ever tasted. I would also like to point out that these puddings are actually smaller than what you would normally get because I couldn't choose and they got fed up with waiting for me to make a decision so gave me half and half but shh don't tell anyone.

Fforest Inn sticky toffee pudding

They also introduced us into the world of Panna Cotta as none of us had tried it before. It is amazing. My brother now nags me every day to drive 45mins to pick him one up.

So if you are ever in Llanfihangel Nant Melan stop by and tell them that the crazy panna cotta family sent you. They'll know who you mean


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