27 September 2015

Books// The Watched by Casey Hill

I've been waiting for The Watched by Casey Hill to come down in price for ages because I am a poor unemployed graduate (anyone want to give me a job?). I absolutely love the Reilly Steel series and am so pleased I discovered the first book in a Charity shop. I think it may be one of my favourite crime series and I have read a lot of them. 

"Quantico-trained forensic investigator Reilly Steel is back in the country of her birth. Unsure about both her future and her position within the Dublin police force, Reilly hopes that a relaxing stay at the Florida beach home of her old FBI mentor Daniel Forrest will help get her thoughts together. 

When Daniel's son, policeman Todd Forrest, is called to the scene of a gruesome murder where the body of a beautiful woman has literally been torn in two, he is stopped in his tracks. Not just because of the grotesque and theatrical nature of the crime but because he recognizes the victim as Daniel's goddaughter. 

In an attempt to find swift resolution on her old friend's behalf, Reilly finds herself drawn into the investigation. And when another disturbing murder occurs soon after, Reilly can't help but feel that she has come across something like this before. But where? The answer becomes apparent at a third crime scene - the killer is visually reenacting some of the most famous murder scenes in screen history and posting his 'work' online for his followers and the whole world to see. 

Will the investigative team be able to find the murderer before his thirst for 'screen immortality' drives him to kill again? And will Reilly's brief hiatus in the US force her into a decision about her future in Dublin, and the unfinished business she has there?"

The murders in this book are pretty gross especially the first one which is beyond disturbing. There is also a very large body count but this book keeps you gripped until the end. 

A series of disturbing murders occurs but apart from their disturbingness (not a word) nothing seems to link them together until recordings of the murders are found online. 

There are some new characters to fall in love with and there are also some tear inducing moments. Why would they do that to me? I was not prepared. Certain characters don't seem to have a brain and you wonder how they are still alive but it keeps you reading. The story line keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times. It seems like they are never going to find evidence or work out who it is. I read this book in a day and a half because I could not put it down much to my dads annoyance. Sorry finding out who the bad guy is is much more important than clearing the table for dinner.  

I also really really want to know if Reilly is going to move back to America or head back to rainy Dublin (whyyy would you do that?) 

Also send me book recommendations I want to try something other than crime but am not a massive chick flick fan.

Have you read any Casey Hill?


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