10 September 2015

Food// Red Lion in Llangadog

As you can see by my blog recently I have moved to the more lifestyle side of blogging, which seems to involve a lot of food. I also have some epic outfit posts featuring my mum that should be coming soon.

Anyway back to the Red Lion. The Red Lion is a Hotel that has opened up in a Village near mine, Llangadog. The new owners have gone with a Medieval Wales theme for the whole place including the bedrooms. There are fabulous chandeliers, coats of armour and the rooms have massive four poster beds. A lot of thought has been put into all the little details including slate coasters and wooden covers for the menus.

Now onto the food. The food is pretty damn gorgeous and the portion sizes are huge. The second time we went I had the meatballs and pasta as a main and I had to ask for a takeaway pot (which I filled). Wasn't gonna waste it though.

Everyone wanted in on the food picture action though so you get to see what everyone in my family ate. Picture heavy and it will make you hungry #SorryNotSorry (I'm a little bit sorry for that hashtag though)


Sweet Chilli Chicken Skewers - These are absolutely amazing. Im addicted to sweet chilli sauce anyway but mmmm.

red lion sweet chilli chicken

Mussels - I hate fish (except tuna mayo and fish fingers but they don't really count) but the rest of my family love mussels. Apparently these were pretty good and they get served in a pot with a lid that you can use to put your shells in (I found that pretty cool)

red lion mussels

Scallops - Another dish I did not try. My dad said it was good though so we'll go with that

red lion scallops

Spaghetti & Meatballs - This was my starter. Yup this portion is a starter. And let me tell you, this is the best spaghetti & meatballs I have had. It was soo good. The meatballs are amazing and the sauce is delicious. I did not, however, enjoy trying to eat the spaghetti like a lady. It's not possible. I had to slurp and I got it all over my face. Worth it though

red lion spaghetti and meatballs


Steak - My family loves our meat and you cant beat a good steak so we all went for that. I opted for BBQ sauce because BBQ sauce is life. I also opted for spring onion mashed potato because I didn't fancy chips. It was the best mash potato in the world. I honestly would have been happy to just sit and eat a vat of it. Carbs are also life. The steak just melted in your mouth and was amazing. We also got onion rings because you cant have steak without them. Fighting over the last one ensued. I won.

red lion steak

Red lion onion rings

red lion spring onion mash

Dessert - The best course of all

Lemon Cheesecake  - As you may have noticed from my last food post, I am a huge huge huge cheesecake fan. This lemon cheesecake was amazzzzing. It was actually the one that made my mum actually like cheesecake. It was so lemony but not too sour but delicious and mmm. Also very artistically presented. And now I want cheesecake

Red lion lemon cheesecake

Pavlova - This picture came out blurry in all the excitement *cries*. My mum is obsessed with meringue and I may have stolen some. It was pretty damn good. It was the chewy kind of meringue and it was heaven. Although she did have to ask for a knife and fork to eat it as the spoon just wasn't working for her. So much cream and fruit and deliciousness

Red lion pavlova

Tiramasu - Im not a massive fan of tiramasu (Its a texture thing - soggy sponge weirds me out) but I did try it and it was okay. My dad loved it though and that's what counts.


All there food is home made and delicious. It also really reasonably priced and I've heard amazing things about their carvery which I'm hoping to get to soon.

The food area of this hotel is wheelchair accessible and the staff are very accommodating. There's a spacious disabled toilet and ramp access via the carpark. The bedrooms however are located upstairs.

You had any good food recently?


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