18 June 2014

Umberto Giannini Salt Spray

Effortless hair is definitely my thing. I have been known to forget the last time I washed or brushed my hair (I do still shower I just dont bother washing my hair, Im not a complete minger). In fact I desperately need to wash & brush it today as I'm pretty sure there may be wildlife living up there, maybe a couple of birds or a squirrel. 

I have tried a few salt sprays but they never seemed to give me the effortless beachy waves I dreamed of, just a dry, knotty mess that I normally had to spend more time sorting out then if I'd have just blow dried and straightened it. 

Umberto Giannini Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray gave me the lazy effortless beachy waves of my dreams. I tend to give it a quick blast with a hair dryer first because my hair is so thick it never dries then I just spray  it on my damp hair and wack it in a bun or just go to bed with it still down. Then when my hair finally dries ta-da wavy hair.

I've been using this a lot recently because its just too hot to faff about with hair dryers and straighteners. I have noticed it makes my hair a tad dry but I just run a small blob (technical term obviously) of Tigi Bed Head After Party through it and it looks healthy, silky & shiny again and feels really soft. 

Umberto Giannini Salt spray is £6 but boots currently has a 2 for £8 on selected UG haircare. The backcomb in a bottle is also amazing if you wanted to get something else.

I look so weird without lipstick but this is the morning after bunning my hair with my salt spray for an hour & sleeping with loose slightly damp hair

This is a few days later, can you tell I haven't brushed it? 

What is your favourite Salt Spray?


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