10 June 2014

Killing Memories by Tatiana Moore Review

"Estela Ramos isn’t looking for love and thinks there’s nothing wrong with that. But ask her mother or best friend and they’d tell you different. Moo says Estela fears rejection while her mother thinks she’s too gordita. Maybe they’re both right, but Estela is pretty damn happy with the status quo, well, sorta.

At 26 years old, Estela is completely inexperienced in love, and the women in her life just won’t let her die a lonely virgin spinster with donut glaze on her face. She has no time for men, but after a few matchmaking attempts, courtesy of Moo and Estela's family, men begin descending upon her with great gusto and flair. One who may be the Antichrist, or at the very least have a psycho-complex, won’t take “no thanks” for an answer. The other, with striking green eyes and gentle touch, makes her entire body pulse and buzz.

Estela is overwhelmed by both and one thing’s certain: She won’t get anywhere if she can’t learn to forget the past and really see the one who stands in front of her, eager to love her as she is."

I downloaded this on Amazon one night when I just downloaded all the free books that sounded interesting onto my kindle to try and encourage me to get back to reading because I've missed it so much. I'm so glad I did as I loved it and it's still free if you want to give it a go. You can download it here

When I started reading this book I couldn't remember why I had downloaded is at I normally go for the murder mysteries and this one just seemed to be about 2 friends but I am so glad I kept reading. 

So here's what I liked about the book

- The friendship between Moo and Estela was amazing and what most girls want from a friend. It didn't matter how much time they spent apart as soon as they were together they were having sleepovers with vodka and pizza. 

- You get to witness all the ups and downs of a friendship and see them stay together through everything that can go wrong including a stalker, drug addiction, falling out with parents, bad decisions and relationships. 

- I really struggled to put this book down. It was funny and kept me interested to the very end. When I finished at 3am because I couldn't stop. 

- I thought I knew what was going to happen and I was on edge the whole time because I didn't want it to but it wasn't as predictable as I thought.

- I loved the fact that the main character was a larger girl who was best friends with a super model and loved doughnuts and she didn't need to lose weight for her happy ending and her bloke loved her for who she was doughnuts and all.

The downside to this book is the stalker element was a tad creepy and had me looking over my shoulder but it was still so good I couldn't stop reading.

The better news is this is the first book of a series of 5 with Tatiana Moore currently working on the 6th. I read the extract of the next book and I think I'm going to have to get them.

What books are you loving at the moment?


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