11 June 2014

My Eyeliner Collection

It's only this past year that I really got into eyeliner and now I'm rarely seen without my eyeliner winged out.I don't always mean to do it, it just happens. It took me a while to master it and I still tend to rock the wonky eyeliner look but you cant tell if you don't look too closely. 

Gel Eyeliner

I'm really bad at using this for my top lid, I just cant get a smooth line, so I tend to just use this on my waterline as I find it lasts longer than pencil and doesn't smudge down my face, it also looks darker with a more intense colour than the pencils I have tried. This pot has lasted me ages and is still no where near run out which definitely makes it worth the £7.99 for the eyeliner in a nice glass pot and the brush. 

Liquid Eyeliner

I've only recently in the past few months fallen in love with liquid eyeliner and now it is always on my lids. I love the intense colour you get and the nice smooth lines. However, they take a bit of getting used to and are a bit daunting for eyeliner beginners. 
As I've only recently mastered liquid liner I haven't spent a lot of money on them with my first being from Miss Sporty for less than £3. I've just replaced this as it was running out with the Rimmel exaggerate for just over a fiver and I love it. The Rimmel one has a more solid nib which did take me a while to get used to but I love it now and it makes it easier to make thicker lines. 
They both stay put all day and I even took a nap in them and they didn't budge. There's also no transfer or fading.

Felt tip Eyeliner

The Felt tip liners are how I started to venture into the winged eyeliner look. It all started when I got an eyeko skinny liner free in a magazine. They are easy to control and give you more room for error. The Barry M one is better for thicker lines but I didn't really get on with this one. I used it more on my water line but then I tended to get stringy bits or liner in my eye which is never a good look. I loved the maybelline one and I used it most of last year. Only downside is you do get a bit of transfer to the upper lid. Felt pens also aren't as intense in colour. 

If you're looking to get into the cat eye, winged liner look but are nervous I highly suggest giving a felt tip a go and then you can progress by going over the felt tip line with liquid liner and then before you'll be an expert.

So here's some swatches. Some of my felt tip liners are a bit old so the colours not great.

1. Maybelline Eye Studio 24hr Gel Eyeliner £7.99 
(buy 1 get 2 1/2 price on maybelline in boots & superdrug at the mo)

2. Rimmel London Exaggerate Eyeliner £5.29 
(Free bronzer when you spend £9 on Rimmel in boots)

3. Miss Sporty Studio Lash Black Liquid Liner £2.79

4. Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner £12
(Free with this months Glamour Magazine £2)

5. Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Liner £5.99
(buy 1 get 2 1/2 price on maybelline in boots & superdrug at the mo)

6. Essence Eyeliner pen
Im not sure how much this was as I got it in Germany but I think some Wilkinsons stores have started selling essence make up.

7. Barry M Wink Marker Liquid Eyeliner £4.59

What is your favourite eye liner?


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