23 April 2018

The Vegan Kind April 2018 Lifestyle Box

I've been meaning to write this post for ages but I just haven't been able to take photos. I've either been too busy or too exhausted/in pain. I finally managed to take a few pictures today so hopefully that means I should be able to get a few more posts out soon. It also means that I've been able to dig into this months Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box

The recipe in this months box is a Sesame crusted tofu with peanut dipping sauce by Ginger Vegan. 10p from every box is also donated to Karass who are an animal sanctuary currently home to over 50 rescued farmed animals. Now onto the delicious things that came in this months box...

The Vegan Kind April 2018 Lifestyle Box
Indie Bay Sunflower Superseed Pretzel Bites - These didn't last 2 seconds. I adore pretzels and I demolished these as soon as I opened the box. They were soo good. Definitely need some more in my life asap

Blackfriars Ginger Choc Chip Flapjack - I looove flapjack. I tend to eat it a lot on the long journeys to training. Well it's flapjack or gingerbread men so this has combined my too loves. I cannot wait to try this. I'll report back.

Almighty Foods Cashew Caramello Mini Jar - Okay so I stuck my finger in this to have a taste and it's pretty damn delicious. It's like a super extravagant, sweeter nut butter. I reckon it would be delicious with strawberries

The Vegan Kind April 2018 Lifestyle Box
Snact Apple & Cinnamon Kick Banana Bar - I'm a little bit nervous to try this because even though I love bananas, I hate anything with banana in it. I honestly don't get the hype around banana bread. However, I do love apple and cinnamon, so you never know I may love this.

Ape Snacks Thai Chilli Coconut Puffs - I'm not sure how I feel about these. They're okay but they wouldn't be my first choice for crisps. I like the texture (very important) just not massively feeling the flavour.

The Vegan Kind April 2018 Lifestyle Box
Candy Kittens Sour Watermelon Sweets - I am so damn happy that Candy Kittens have made the watermelon and strawberry flavours vegan. The peach and pineapple flavours were great but Strawberry and watermelon are my all time fave sweet flavours. Candy Kittens are so damn delicious. You need them in your life. Plus how cute is that packaging? I've already been over to The Vegan Kind Shop and ordered myself some more. Sour watermelon is my weakness.

Zero Waste Club Re-useable Bamboo Straw - With all the news coverage about plastic straws at the moment The Vegan Kind are doing their bit to help. Every box came with a re usable bamboo straw and it is so cute. I love it. I already have my own metal straws, mainly for hot drinks but this will be perfect for smoothies.

So that's it for this months box. I'm really loving the vegan kind boxes and I can't wait for next months. There is always a couple of things that I fall in love with. It's also great having a surprise box of snacks delivered to you r door.

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