21 March 2018

The Vegan Kind March 2018 Box

I decided to switch my Vegan Tuck Box subscription for The Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box. There was always too much chocolate and a few things I didn't like in the vegan tuck box so I thought I would give this one ago. I'm on my third box and I am loving them. You get 5 to 8 Cruelty Free & Vegan products delivered to your door every month for £13.15.

The Vegan Kind March 2018 Box
Considerit Chocolate Creme Egg - Okay so I ate this one before I got to take pictures. I was just so excited to have a dairy free creme egg. They're my absolute favourites but they just make me ill. I didn't get my hopes up but oh my god this was delicious. Tastes pretty much like your usual creme egg but I don't feel like I'm going to vom afterwards. I'm now going to need about 200.

Punku Choc Chip Quinoa Cookies - I love cookies so seeing a big box of them made me happy. These are individually wrapped which isn't great for the environment but it does mean I don't have to eat them all in one go to stop them going soggy. Nothing to do with the fact that I have no restraint when it comes to delicious food. These aren't quite as sweet as other cookies but they are still delicious. I would definitely eat them all in one go to stop them getting soggy if I had to. I also desperately need to try the coconut ones.

The Vegan Kind March 2018 Box

TREK Toffee Triumph Protein Energy Trunks - Things like this are perfect to have in my bag for when the Hangry bitch strikes.

Fuel10K Chocolate Peanut Butter - I go through phases with peanut butter where I eat it all the time or don't touch the stuff for months. I can't remember the last time I ate any which must mean my obsession with it will start again soon. This chocolate one sounds pretty damn good.

Super Moons Salt and Vinegar Crunchy Lentil Puffs - So these also didn't last. I was starving when I opened the box and these just jumped out at me. I am a huge crisp lover and oh my god these are amazing. I will definitely be ordering more. They may have just made it into top spot of favourite crisps. Salt n vinegar is one of my favourite flavours and these are just incredible.

The Vegan Kind March 2018 Box

Mr Organic Egg Free Garlic Mayo - I've been wanting to try a Vegan mayo for ages. I love mayo so much and it's perfect with chips. I found the Tesco own one just tasted like salad cream which was sad so I'm excited to give this one a go.

Ecodenta Cosmos Toothpaste with Coconut & Zinc Salt - This arrived at the perfect time. I was just thinking that I needed to pick up some more toothpaste. I'll let you know how I get on with it

This months recipe is a Easter sandwich biscuit by Ellie at Kind State of Mind and 10p from every box sold is being donated to Sneha's Care which is one of the largest animal welfare charities in Nepal.


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