19 October 2017

Reducing Waste

After seeing the horrendous affect the huge amounts of plastic we throw away every day is having on our oceans and planet I decided to try and make an effort to reduce my waste. Things like cotton pads, straws, water bottles and take away cups made up a huge percentage of what I was throwing away daily. Here are some things you can try to cut down on your waste. 

Reducing plastic waste

Metal Straws

After watching that grim video of people having to pull straws out of turtles nose I realised I needed to stop using so many of them. They cause so much damage. However, as a disabled person with crappy hands I usually have to use straws to drink. It saves me throwing my drink everywhere. I used to use plastic ones but then I read that drinking hot drinks with them is actually pretty dangerous anyway as the heat melts the plastic and then you drink all that plasticy goodness. I tend to use straws the most when I go to coffee shops because who can even lift those massive mugs with tiny handles? I decided to buy some stainless steel straws and now I just keep one in my bag, rinse it when I've finished my drink and then wash it at home. I have a handful of these in the house for all my drinking needs. If you love a pretty straw then they also do rose gold or purple ones for the blogger cliche dream. Yes I am thinking of ordering some. If you get plain silver ones they aren't even that pricey and when you compare it to what I used to spend on disposable straws it's actually a saving.

Bamboo Toothbrush

I never really thought about the fact that toothbrushes are a huge source of plastic waste. I was sent this free with a Vegan Kind order (I spent a lot). It's not as hard as I would like (ha that's what she said) but it is still a pretty good toothbrush. When finding the link I discovered that it is a soft childs brush so you can get adult ones here. Unfortunately my hands and jaw get along better with my electric toothbrush but this is definitely a good alternative for anyone who wants to cut down their plastic waste.

Reducing plastic waste

Reusable Makeup Wipes

As I wear a lot of makeup I go through a lot of makeup wipes and cotton pads. One, this costs me a fortune and two, it creates so much waste. I always seem to be emptying my bin. I saw these and decided to give them a go and I am definitely a fan. I have stained the white ones with my copious amounts of eyeliner but the coloured ones look good as new. I use them with my micellar water and it takes all my makeup off and feels a lot softer on my skin. I use maybe 1-2 pads instead of the 3-4 cotton wool pads I was using. To wash them I just whack them in the lil wash bag I have and chuck them in the washing machine with my clothes wash. I definitely recommend them.

Reusable Sanitary Towels

I have to use pads because I do not get on at all with tampons hence why I have never tried a moon cup. Everyone knows that pads aren't exactly the comfiest so I thought I'd give these a go. My mum kindly bought us both the starter pack on the website and it has changed my life. They are honestly so comfortable to wear. For anyone worried about them they are so easy to wash. I got the wash bag with them so I keep that in the bathroom. You just put them in that and then chuck them in the washing machine as normal. They can even be tumble dried. Also can we just talk about the amazing and super cute colour selection. I can't ever see myself going back to disposable pads. These may seem a tad pricey to start with although I thought they were pretty affordable. However, if you think how much you are saving in the long run it is definitely a smart investment. If you aren't sure which ones to go for the this website has an amazing info section and I cannot recommend this shop enough. The owner is super lovely and often offers discounts.

Reusable Coffee Cup but first coffee cup

I drink a lot of coffee. I take a lot of coffee out of the house with me because I am forever in my car. Reusable coffee cups are life. I love my bodum one and they keep hot drinks super hot for about 2 hours. I also love this one, it's so cute. Anyway I digress. As you may know take away cups from coffee shops are not recyclable due to the plastic lining. If you take a reusable coffee cup into most big chains they give you a small discount and you can help save the planet.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I am always thirsty hence why I always need to pee. I am terrible for buying billions of bottles of water on the go. I hate to think how many I have thrown away. I'm trying to get out of this habit. That is why I picked up this 750ml stainless steel water bottle from Amazon. I think it was like £15 and it's going to save me so much money. It really does keep water cold for about 24 hours. I now try and take this everywhere with me. I also have a cute 500ml one from Typo.


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