26 October 2017

October 2017 Favourites

No your eyes are not deceiving you. I actually have a new post up. My favourites this month are a bit of a mash up with only a couple of beauty bits. I've been pretty lazy this month when it comes to makeup. I've even pretty much given up on foundation because I just can't find one that works with my dry skin. Let me know if you have any cruelty free foundation recommendations for dry skin. Preferably medium to full coverage. 

October 2017 Favourites
Illamasqua Precision Ink Liner

I may have given up on a lot of my makeup but I will never give up on my liquid liner. I've been using my Tarte eyeliner for ages but for some reason it has started wearing really badly. I don't know if my eyelids have suddenly become super oily but it just ends up transferring all over my upper lid and getting everywhere. I went back to the precision ink and fell in love all over again. I usually prefer a felt tip nib but this one is so easy to use. It lasts all day with no transferring and survives much needed naps. My only issue with it is it's a glossy finish. It makes doing wings so easy though that I can get over that.

October 2017 Favourites

Barry M Wet Set Top Coat

I've actually been painting my nails this month. As I train twice a week with wheelchair basketball my nails always end up a chipped mess but I've been trying to time re doing them around training days. I needed a new top coat and this one was £3 so I picked it up. I am all about quick drying top coats because I'm super impatient and have a tiny bladder. I am forever smudging freshly painted nails. This stuff does dry super quick though, making my life easier. It also leaves my nails with a super shiny finished look. Seems to last pretty well without chips too.

Merci Handy Cherie Cherry Hand Gel

I use hand sanitiser a lot. Mainly because if the hand dryer is shit, wet hands makes propelling and more importantly stopping a wheelchair very difficult. Much easier to just whack on some hand gel and go. Also handy for eating on the go. Propelling a wheelchair outside can leave your hands pretty grim so it's always nice to give them a quick clean before eating. This one smells so good, however I am also a huge fan of the Superdrug strawberry one which is also cheaper.

dry eye essentials

Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum

I read about this on Amies blog.  If you need any skincare recommendations then I definitely recommend her blog. I've been trying this for about a month now and I love it. I use it in the morning before my moisturiser and it seems to be helping my dry skin. It's lightweight and sinks in quickly but it doesn't compromise on hydration. Plus it's only £2.99. Such a bargain.

Superdrug Dry Eye Spray Mist 

As well as dry skin I have been suffering really badly with dry eyes recently. They are so damn dry and itchy that I just want to gouge them out. I'm not great with eye drops. I'm actually like Rachel in Friends. I'm getting better but I still close my eyes at the last second. I picked this mist up to try as you spray it over closed eyes so it's perfect for me. It's also safe to use with waterproof makeup and is contact lens friendly. It definitely helps and soothes my eyes enough that I don't want to scratch them out my head.

Gel Tears

My mum gave me a tube of these and even though you have to put them in your eyes they are definitely easier than drops. It's a thick gel which is seriously like moisturiser for your eyeballs. The gel tears are way more hydrating than the mist however the mist is better on the go. As this is a thick gel it does make your eyesight a bit fuzzy whilst it sinks in. I tend to use this in the evenings. The only other downside to this is its a fiver and you can only use the tube for 30 days before you have to throw it away. I think they should do smaller tubes as I've never finished a whole one. However, if you are struggling with really painful, dry eyes I definitely recommend these. They soothe instantly.

 Homesense Candles

Homesense Candles

Ah Homesense, every bloggers dream. I pretty much just buy candles in there. In fact I think the only non candle thing I have bought from there is the notebook and the planner in this picture. I'm a sucker for a pretty candle. I mean it also has to smell delicious but looks are very important to me. How cute are these two? I adore the colours and the gold writing. The pink hello gorgeous one is Cedarwood & Vanilla scented. It's quite subtle but so damn good. I just love vanilla. The smaller purple one is cinnamon chai and I've nearly finished it. It's such a wintery scent and I cannot get enough of it. I find some cinnamon candles too strong but this is the perfect balance of spice.

What have you been loving recently? 


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