17 December 2014

Wilko Passion Fruit & Melon Body Scrub

I got way too excited when I saw the new extremely colourful and affordable Fruits range in Wilkinsons. My mum bought a Passion fruit & melon body scrub that was supposed to go in my stocking but I desperately needed some so she gave in & let me have it early (#Spoilt).

I was a tad disappointed by it but I have an issue with liking my body scrubs to be like sand paper and I don't think anything will ever beat my favourite Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub which I'm desperately hoping Santa will bring me again.

Apart from this scrubs lack of scrub I liked everything else about it. Its nice and moisturising and feels great on the skin and washes off nicely with no oily residue that some scrubs tend to leave. It also smells edible delicious. I also smelled the pink one which smells exactly like rhubarb & custard sweets, I'm not sure whether it would make me drool a bit though if I smelt like sweets during the day. Plus its an amazing colour and the lid is easy to open which is kinda essential.

I have a sneaky suspicion (I was there when Santa was shopping) that I am getting some more of this range for Christmas so expect a bigger more in depth review at a later date.

If you are looking for some smellies for last minute Christmas pressies then head to wilkinsons as the range consists of

- Shampoo
-Shower Gel
- Body Scrub
- Bath foam
- Bath Bomb
- Soap
- Hand Cream
- Body Butter
- Face Masks
- Lip Balm

with a massive choice of scents

- Coconut & Vanilla
- Lime & Ginger
- Blueberry & Grape
- Lemon & Black Pepper
- Strawberry & Pomegranate
- Passion Fruit & Melon
- Orange & Pomelo
- Rhubarb & Vanilla

And even better they are all £1.50 and are currently 3 for 2.

Have you tried this range?


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