21 December 2014

Sunday Smiles

I've noticed I've been moaning on social media a lot recently...Sorry guys. So I thought I'd write about a few things that have made me smile recently.

1. My hair. I'm in love with my hair it's pink & purple & blue and I feel like a mermaid and a girl told me it was beautiful and made my year.

2. I made a cake and it was delicious and I also made gingerbread men that were pretty damn delicious

3. I get to sleep in a double bed again. Starfish all night every night

4. Being home so I can use our accessible wet room and sit in the shower for an hour much to my dads disgust about how much electricity Im using

5,Warm socks. Socks are my staple clothing item at the moment and I've fallen in love with some really warm ones from peacocks that are permanently attached to my feet. I even asked Santa for some more

6. Costas orange hot chocolates, need I say more, They are delicious

7. I have some amazing friends online and offline

8. Gold glittery nail varnish... until I have to try and get it off

9. Alska Mixed berry Cider from Aldi. Try it. Its half the price of Rekorderlig and Kopparberg but tastes even better

10. Had an amazing night with some amazing friends last night

11. My friends got me some awesome pressies including a frozen cup with straw & bottle and some bambi socks

What's made you smile this week?
Anyone else counting down the days until summer?


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