27 September 2014

Summer Bucket List Revisited

I haven't been around much recently because I've been crazy busy with packing, moving back to uni & just general life things but now that I'm back & in a better routine hopefully I'll get back to posting more often. 

I thought I'd do a post on how I got on with my Summer Bucket List and Im kinda surprised by how many I ticked off because I was not expecting to do the first two.

1. Get my nose pierced but shh don't tell my parents.
My mum was actually the one that took me to get this done as she was fed up of me constantly going on about how much I wanted it done and I am so happy with it. I didnt think I would be this in love with a piercing

2. Get my tragus or my thirds pierced. Parents should be okay with that 
I also got my tragus done too as I was in the piercing shop anyway so might as well and love it although I love my nose more

3. Find someone to draw up my tattoo idea to see if I do actually like it

4. Visit more places around the UK, difficult when friends & family all work.
I did visit a few places around the UK, not as many as I would have liked but it's a start.

5. Dye my hair an awesome colour. I'm thinking pink & purple dip dye
I did it first with just a few random pink and purple streaks but now my whole bottom layer is pink & purple and next time my hairdresser wants to do all my hair. I am so in love with it. Pink hair was made for me.

6. Throw one of my epic house parties
Sadly friends work schedules meant this didnt happen but we'll make up for it at uni with flat parties.

7. Go on holiday with my friends - should be happening in September
We went to Nice and oh my god it was amazing. The weather was stunning and Nice is gorgeous. I was made to live in a climate like that. So warm and we were like 5mins from the sea, Heaven.

8. Make a scrap book from last years holiday with my friends in Berlin
I didnt get to start it but I have everything ready to start and now I get to add Nice into it too.

9. BBQ on the beach
I was so gutted I didnt get to do this but it will happen at some point

10. Make my room more homely
This kinda happened and Im gradually buying more stuff for my uni room which isnt good because I dont really have room or money buut it looks pretty.

11. Read more, I have so many books on my kindle I haven't read yet
I have a few book reviews to come and I am loving getting back into reading

12. Take more photos. I haven't really put the camera I got for Christmas to good use yet. I also want to put some of my pics on canvas to put up round my room
I took loads of pictures in Nice and Im really pleased with how they turned out and when I get some money I may get some on canvas to remind me of the gorgeous place

Look at this awesome picture I got of the moon. Im so proud of it

13. Work on my blog photos. I always end up over editing.
I think my blog photos are slowly getting better and dont too over edited any more. Obviously I still have a way to go on them, but baby steps

14. Go and camp up our field like the country bumpkins we are with no facilities
I didnt get to do this but I did go to a little music festival in one of the villages near ours which was really good.

15. Buy a MAC lipstick

I bought 2 on world lipstick day with the Debenhams offer. I got So Chaud which I really like and Candy Yum Yum which Im still not sure on but I now own MAC and get to see what all the hype is about. I love the staying power and really want Lady Danger next

16. Start doing outfit posts...maybe
Still havent plucked up the courage to do this but maybe soon

17.  Make some memories
I definitely did this. Amazing memories with awesome friends and my amazing family. 

Did you manage to do everything you wanted with your summers?


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