25 May 2014

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

I'm thinking I'm going to do a post like this every Sunday to remind me of all the good things that happened during the week. So here goes. The 10 things that made me smile

  1. Finishing my last exam on Monday
  2. Buying a new dress
  3. Having an epic flat party to finish the uni year (hangover not so much)
  4. Spending the day with my friends sunbathing and eating away our hangovers and catching a very slight tan
  5. Getting a smaller chain for the charm bracelet I got for my birthday 2 weeks ago so I can finally wear it
  6. Coming across so many lovely people in Cardiff who made getting around a busy shopping centre in my wheelchair super easy and very pleasant
  7. Buying new glasses with moustaches on
  8. Going exploring to avoid revision (technically the week before but it made me extra happy so still counts)
  9. Finally having time to blog
  10. Being home so that I can use our amazing wet room and having the best 30min shower ever.

Penmon Lighthouse

Newborough Beach

Menai Bridge


My Gorgeous Bracelet

B&Ms finest
What's made you happy this week?



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