22 April 2014

Peanut Butter Cookies

I am addicted to peanut butter. I would eat it all day every day if I could and I'm always getting told off by my mum for eating it out the jar with a spoon (not hygienic apparently...but my brother is the only other person who eats it and he doesn't care)

Anyways my mum bought me a jar of organic peanut butter but the texture was too much like clay for me so I decided to look up peanut butter cookie recipes and see if it tasted any better because cookies make everything taste better.

I can't find where I found the recipe but here's how I make these super delicious cookies. I even converted non peanut butter looking people and whenever I come home from uni I get ordered to make some straight away.

If you are addicted to peanut butter these are the cookies for you and if you're not give them a go anyway, they are delicious

You Will Need:

100g Caster Sugar
100g Demerara Sugar
100g Peanut Butter
150g Butter/margarine*
 (*Can also use a vegan substitute for cookies suitable for vegans)
200g Plain Flour

(makes about 16ish cookies depending how big you make them as I make them quite big)

Okey Dokey here goes

Heat your oven to about 200 C

1. Chuck the sugars, peanut butter and butter into a bowl and mix it until you have a delicious sugary peanut buttery mix (have a taste, I know you want to)

2. Add in the flour and try not to make a mess

3. Mix it until it looks like this

4. Try not to eat all the cookie dough before making the cookies (I know its hard)

5. Get your hands in there and squish the dough into nice balls

6. Place onto a baking tray

7. Get a fork and lightly press the tops of your balls to make a cross hatching and slightly flatten as shown in the picture below. 

8. Put your cookies in the oven for about 15mins. When you take them out they may still look a bit under done but this is good as they harden when they cool and they have a delicious gooey taste. 

9. Lick the spoon

10. Try and wait for the cookies to cool down before you eat them as you will burn your tongue however I wont judge as I know its hard to resist (talking from experience).
Enjoy your cookies and try to share

What are your favourite things to bake?



  1. kept on seeing your peanut cookies on instagram and wanting to eat them so will defiantly try this recipe, Thank you :)