26 June 2019

Read In May 2019 Part 2

So this post is definitely later than I anticipated. If anyone has seen my motivation can they please send it back my way. On the plus side, my read in June posts is going to be big. I think I'm up to 7 books so far. Anyway, this is part 2 of May and you can check out Part 1 here. Is there anything better than finding a new author with an addictive series? 

Hold My Hand by M.J Ford - #1 DC Josie Masters - 5/5

Kindle fire showing the cover of Hold My Hand by M.J Ford. It shows a little boy holding the hand of an unknown man

As a child, Josie sees a boy in a red shirt being led away by a clown but can’t do anything to stop it. 30 years later she still feels guilty. Then she’s called out to the remains of a child in a red shirt. Could it be the boy taken by the clown?

I accidentally started the second book first and I definitely recommend reading them in order because it takes a lot of the suspense out of this one. That being said, even though I knew who had done it I was still hooked and the could not put it down. Hello 3am reading.

It is such a tense and dramatic read and is written so well that you feel every emotion along with the characters. You get to witness some of Josie's personal life but it adds to the story instead of distracting us and it really adds to her character.

The story is consistently fast-paced with an explosive ending. It is such an amazing read and I highly recommend you check it out.

Keep Her Close by M.J Ford* - #2 DC Josie Masters - 4/5

Kindle fire screen showing the cover of Keep Her Close by M.J Ford.

Josie has only recently returned to work after a devastating case. College girls are disappearing but Josie is put on a hit & run case. It soon comes to light that the kidnapper is trying to send Josie a message and she gets sucked in but the culprit is closer than she could ever imagine.

I didn’t realise this was the second book in the series and after reading a couple of chapters I went and bought the first book so I could read it first. I would definitely read them in order because the second book definitely ruins the twist of the first. It also helps you understand Josie's distrusting character. I also enjoyed Hold my Hand more than this one. That being said Keep Her Close is still a great read.

I did guess who the bad guy was but it didn’t ruin it too much. It added suspense of when everyone else would work out who it was. It has a bit of a slow start which made me want to put it down but once it got going it really sucked me in.

Have you discovered any new series recently?


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