4 May 2016

Nars Sheer Glow

Everyone and their mum seems to rave about Nars Sheer Glow foundation. Well that's what it feels like anyway. My aunty gave me a gift voucher for John Lewis for Christmas so that I could treat myself to a more high end foundation (instead of my usual bourjois and rimmel ones). As I have dry skin the sheer glow was the one recommended to me.

Nars Sheer Glow review

Unfortunately I seem to be one of the very few who just can't get on with this foundation. The only positive I have to say about this is that the shade matched my skin tone pretty damn well (I got Deauville).

Considering it was recommended for dry skin it made my skin look even worse. It cracked and separated on my cheeks and clung to any remotely dry patches on my forehead. Even when I ex-foliated and moisturised the shit out of my face it still found mystery dry patches and just didn't sit right. My skin also seems to suck this stuff up so I have to apply twice as much which isn't great when it's pretty pricey compared to my usual £10ish. The lasting power was also really poor.

I was so gutted that I didn't get to experience the love that everyone else has for this foundation *cries*. Probably just going to stick to the cheaper options so that I don't cry so much if I don't get on with it.

Also is there any need to charge extra for the pump? I mean really? When you're already charging £31 for a foundation it seems a tad greedy to charge extra for the pump.

Did you love Sheer Glow as much as everyone else?

Also any foundation recommendations for dry skin?


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