14 February 2015

Self Love

Happy Valentine's day you gorgeous lot. I told my self I wasn't going to write a valentine's post but as I'm struggling recently with a lot of pain I though a post on self love was important.

I'm taking today as a complete rest day (apart from this post of course). I had a lie in, I plan on staying in my pjs all day (nothing really new there), letting myself eat some junk food which hopefully wont make me feel too ill and watching all the kids films. I need this day to not feel guilty about not doing any work and let my crappy body rest.

So some helpful steps for an amazing day.

1. Put on your comfiest clothes, probably pyjamas

2. Have a delicious cuppa

3. Eat whatever food your craving. Diets don't count today

4. Make a pillow fort/nest and get super cosy. Maybe make yourself a blanket cocoon

5. Watch your favourite films. As many as possible. Or start/finish that book you've been wanting to read for ages. Or do some colouring in. The possibilities are endless.

6. Have a day off from doing work/ cleaning whatever you need to do. One day wont kill you.

7. Maybe have a nap. Nap's make everything better.

8. If you need to get out the house you could go to your favourite place. I always love going to the beach.

9. Relax. Let your mind and body rest. It probably needs it

Just do whatever you want and don't let yourself feel guilty about it. You need to take a day for you every now and then and if your idea of time for yourself is getting dressed up and going out then by all means bust out the heels and whack on your brightest lipstick. Just have fun and take time for yourself. This is me giving you permission to put yourself first and relax.

Lots of love


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