12 October 2014

Body Shop Mango Body Butter & Body Mist

I was out shopping with my mum a while back. We walked past The Body Shop and they had a selection of the body mists outside to try. Having been shopping for a while we needed a smell top up. My mum went for the Satsuma one as she'd smelt someone earlier (not as creepy as it sounds) and wondered if it was this scent and I went for mango because I can't say no to anything mango.

We made the appropriate positive noises told each other they smelled good and left to carry on our shopping (headed to Greggs for a sausage roll). Half an hour later I finally gave in and dragged my mum back to the shop to purchase our scents. It worked out well as the Body Butters were on offer so we each got a body butter and a body mist for something like £16. Bargain. 

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing these smell. I smell so fruity and edible. They were great for summer and I'll carry on using them throughout our harsh winter just so I can pretend I'm actually somewhere warm and tropical and smell delicious.

I love The Body Shop body butters as they are soo moisturising which was great for after my holiday to prevent any tan peeling and making myself smell like the ice cream I ate in Nice. Oh please take me back. Only down side to these body butters is that because they are quite thick you do feel a bit slimy afterwards but it's okay because you are a delicious smelling slug and super soft the next day. Great for the harsh winter dry skin which is never a good look.

The scent from the body mist doesn't hang around as long as I would like but using it paired with the moisturiser helps and it's only £7.50 for 100ml so I don't mind reapplying and I may also use it to make my room smell amaaazzzing but shh.

My mum now wants the rest of the satsuma range for Christmas and my brother is obsessed with the Strawberry range because he says it smells like calpol (it really does).

So the important question, which is your favourite scent?


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